My Pre-Exhibition Studio Conversation with John Loscuito, Gallery Director 

John and I had a wonderful discussion months before our upcoming exhibition.  Get a glimpse of my concepts and processes as I explored ideas for the show.  You can see the full video right here at

Visit to view all 4 exhibiting artists in conversation with John. 

 Painting, photography, sculpture, and drawing in harmony as we explore narratives of body, fragility and time during Covid-19. 

When We See Further: Heather Couch, Marina Font, Renée Rey and Terre Rybovich 

Wasmer Art Gallery 

Florida Gulf Coast University

Fort Myers, FL 

Exhibition Dates: October 16 – November 19, 2020 


What is the meaning of my solo exhibition title, "Original Spin?"

I've been asked this question so I created a video for you to watch.  You can view it right here on my website at

In the short video, I further discuss the following:

Digging deep into artwork can have a visceral and intellectual impact on you and your well being. Insights and perceptions can change daily when you live with art that ignites new thoughts and dialogs.

1. My take and your take on the artwork
2. Reference to the symbolism and beauty in the Garden of Eden
3. Movement, transformation in an ever changing world

Artwork from 2016 to the present in which I aim to ignite conversation about inclusiveness, equality, universal connectedness and environmental sustainability for our well being and the health of our planet.

My solo exhibition is a wrap at Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL (September 3-24, 2020 exhibition) but you can see photos of the exhibition at

Contact me with any questions!

Original Spin Video at Hammond Hall Gallery, September 3-24, 2020
This is a deeper dive into my solo exhibition, "Original Spin" at Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville AL, September 3-24, 2020. 

I am thrilled to show my artwork that spans from 2016 to the present including this video that is streaming in the gallery. Through my artwork, I aim to ignite conversation about inclusiveness, equality, universal connectedness and environmental sustainability for our well being and the health of our planet.  
Walk and Talk at Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville, AL, September 3, 2020
It was a super Opening Talk with Morgan Worsham, Gallery Coordinator on September 3, 2020. I had fun sharing insights and respondOmg to all the thoughtful questions about my artwork in my solo exhibition entitled, Original Spin. 

🔛 See the video on Instagram @jaxstateart Link:

⏳Exhibition through September 24, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.
🏛Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville State University, JacksonvilleAL 
➡️ Make a reservation to see the exhibition in person 👉 

Painting in Progress: Debuting at Hammond Hall Gallery September 3
IN PROGRESS 🎨🎨🎨Detail of a new triptych that will be debuted at “Original Spin” Solo Exhibition, Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. 🔜⏳September 3-24, 2020. Viewing by appointment only. Reservations at
Exploring narratives of interconnectedness through age, gender, cultural identity and environmental sustainability in telescopic and intimate scaled paintings and mixed media artwork. Imagery includes transformative self portraits in motion and metamorphosis in ethereal, alternative universes informed by the sublime versus the temporal, nature versus technology and the joining of spirituality, philosophy and science mechanisms that speak to the interdependence of everyone and everything. Igniting dialog about inclusiveness, equality and sustainability that could impact self-actualization and collective consciousness for a socially and politically improved world. 💥💥💥
Rey Solo Exhibition at Jacksonville State University in September 2020

Over two years ago, I submitted my artwork for a potential exhibition at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. With their packed schedule, their committee reviewed my artwork and in January, invited me to exhibit my artwork this September. The wait is common as galleries are often booked way in advance, and it was worth it!

I am excited to present my solo exhibition entitled, Original Spin at Hammond Hall Gallery, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL, September 3-24, 2020. It has been wonderful working with Morgan Worsham, Gallery Coordinator over the past year. Under Covid 19 circumstances, viewing is by appointment only at

I am fascinated by the richness of science, spirituality, philosophy and nature and how they align with self-actualization, universal connectedness and responsibility to the health of each other and our planet. As I explore these narratives, I create ethereal, other-worldly environments that have stimulated creative conversation and contemplation by viewers and collectors.

Stay tuned! I will be posting more information here and on, and

Please contact me and let me know when you are going to the show, and after you have seen it!

Rey Art Represented by Amy Zook, NYC July 9, 2020

I am thrilled that Amy Zook is now representing my artwork at The Gallery at 200 Lex, The New York Design Center, New York, NY.

The two online sites where you can view and purchase my artwork are:

"Amy, one of the charter dealers of The Gallery in The New York Design Center located at 200 Lexington Avenue, remains a go-to source for designers and collectors. With 20 years of experience, she remains passionate and privileged to be a guardian of beautiful works until they pass to their next enthusiasts."

Rey Art Represented By Amy Zook, NYC
Rey Art published in VoyageMIA  August 15, 2019

Please read this article to learn more about my artistic development and its influence on my artwork.

Open Studios at School of Visual Arts Summer Residency Program

The Open Studios event on August 8, 2019 was that much fun!  It was a wonderful time to share our super artwork with the public, have delicious discussions, and meet awesome artists and art appreciators. Thank you all for attending! 

First photo by Jean Lungrin Ferlesch, following photos by Dennis Church.

July/August 2019 Summer Painting Residency at School of Visual Art, NYC 

I am thrilled to have been accepted into the five week Summer Painting Residency at the School of Visual Arts, NYC.  It was an intensive experience where we had individual studios in which we could take a deep dive into our art practice and experiment with new concepts.  Fabulous faculty including Steve DeFrank, Andrea Champlin, Danica Phelps, Gregory Coates and Peter Hristoff, accomplished artists in their own right, shared their knowledge and advised us on methodologies and other artists who could expand our discovery.  Artist presentations by Dara Birnbaum and Alicia Grullon, and a tour of DC Moore Gallery by Peter Luke Colon, Associate Director, were energizing experiences.

My artwork flourished in this setting. I investigated concepts of the sublime, memory, rebirth, and the mythological at intersection of alternative, temporal and transcendent dimensions. I came away with new ideas to expand upon and look forward to realizing them in the coming months.

Rey Art published in Artists and Climate Change July 22, 2019

Please read this article about how I express my unique vision in my series of paintings and mixed media artwork concerning the planet's health and our well-being.

All Woman group exhibition extended

I am thrilled that the All Woman group exhibition at Maison 10, 260 5th Ave., New York, NY is extended through June 7, 2019.  You can see eight of my paintings and mixed-media artwork in the show along with art by other wonderful artists. Art collectors can privately view other of my pieces.  Contact Tom Blackie and Henri Myers for more information at the gallery. 

Rey Gallery Talk at Maison 10

My artwork is rooted in time and connection.  I explore the binary concepts of sensual and sensory beauty and intellectual and philosophical beauty. In my series entitled, Democratized Ecosystems, I investigate the links between biodiversity, cultural diversity and equality.  See more of my in depth talk in the video section of this website.  My artwork is at Maison 10, 260 5th Ave., NYC February 17-April 26, 2019.

Rey in NYC Art Exhibition
You are invited to the Opening Reception and Exhibition where my artwork will be included in the gallery at Maison 10 for 10 weeks. A portion of sales is donated to charity.
12 Mg: Sustaining on exhibit at Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

You can still see my painting, 12 Mg: Sustaining at Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon through the end of January 2019.  Collectors, please contact gallery.