My places are not on any map. 

They are drawn from a lifetime of powerful emotions and memories of awe-inspiring nature, risks of human-engineered technologies, and the rewards of kinship and acceptance of diverse people and cultures.  

These ideas are seeded in a childhood mystical vision that grew into a belief of a Grand Unity: an internal oneness with nature and people all around the world. There is no hierarchy. All of creation is of equal importanceIt is a vision deeply rooted in my multi-cultural paternal American/Jewish and maternal French/Armenian/Christian heritage, and birthplace in Japan.

In paintings, mixed-media, and installation art, I create ethereal alternative worlds in which I explore these ideas in relation to place, shelter, memory, transformation, and reconstruction. Concepts of desire, loss, freedom, protection, and vulnerability emerge. I wonder where these ideas will be seeded in our complex and uncertain global landscape.

My visual stages of alternative worlds are set in ethereal uninhabited skies. With a nod to the 18th century Italian Rococo painter, Gionvanni Battista Tiepolo, I create mythical imagery that freely moves in and out of the clouds in a state of unpredictable flux. I am interested in free and ephemeral associations that can be made in imagined celestial spaces versus cues from an earth-bound perspective of traditional landscape and figurative painting. 

In the process, I naturally make associations between seemingly disparate ideas in science, spirituality, architecture, and technology, past and present. My human figures defy age, gender, and race. Water towers, cement factories, and untamed nature jockey for empowering sustainability. 

Blending of abstraction, layered paint, and natural and human-engineered objects are reminiscent of Anselm Kiefer and Judy Pfaff. With sweeping gestural brush strokes, dripping paint, tree branches, string, clay, sandpaper, and the written word, I blend abstraction and realism. The diversity represents the complexities of the current social and political climate. 

My intention is to encode mystery, and inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking messages that engender questions. I encourage viewers to decode what they see from a visual perspective and their personal experiences. 

I am eager to hear their thoughts and feelings. It is the evolution of my creative generative experience. The unforeseen connections that I have made with viewers transcend the physical pieces of art.