I have a Vision.

It is a construct for equality, inclusivity, and a healthy world. 

For almost a decade, I have created wall-sized and intimate-scaled paintings, mixed media, and installation art in which I investigate these concepts. I research spiritual and cultural connection, kinship, and sustainability among diverse people, nature, and technology, and rebel against their absence. Ideas of belonging, isolation, hope, loss, diaspora, and self-determination erupt.

These interests are rooted in my experiences as a woman with a diverse multi-cultural American/Jewish and Armenian/Christian family history and heritage, and birthplace in Japan. 

As I create, untamed nature, human-engineered technologies, and utopian worlds rupture and collide. Androgynous human figures defy age, gender, and race. Water towers, cement factories, and buildings jockey for empowering sustainability. I sometimes meld verses from the Bible, Koran, and Buddhism that reference our shared connection and commitment to the stewardship of the environment. They bind humanity. 

I investigate the tension between balance and discord through connecting abstraction, realism, and surrealism in paintings. In mixed media and installation artwork, I experiment with oozing paint, bent wood branches, torn paper, undulating corrugated cardboard, sharp straight pins, and gritty sandpaper. I attempt to harmonize unexpected materials with and without perceived societal value.

I do not resolve the issues with which I grapple. The power is in the mystery.

The enigma provokes compelling conversation. In spaces between reality and utopia, I set a visual table for enriching dialog, points of view, and learning from a wide audience. The unforeseen connections that have been made during these interactions enliven my practice, create community, and transcend the physical art.

Contact me, I'd love to hear your story.