In large and intimate-scaled paintings, mixed media and installation art, I seek to challenge traditional landscape and human figuration by creating ethereal alternate universes and transformative ambiguous self-portraits. Imagery in a state of metamorphosis and fragmentation, immersed in the sublime and the temporal represent my search for gender, age and cultural identity in relation to my perceptions of the outside world.

Interested in the intersections of line and form, I explore traditional and non- traditional materials across two and three dimension. Formal language of abstraction and realism are ruptured and conflated. In a state of flux, message and media find parallels.

I grew up in a multi-cultural Jewish/Christian/French/Armenian/USA home with diaspora and refugee family history, and my birthplace in Japan. Directly or indirectly, these experiences have influenced the colliding and connection of the personal and the collective human condition in my artwork. The current uncertain times of political divisiveness, environmental chaos and religious and racial tensions, further expands my investigation of psyche and narratives of isolation, connection, equality, inclusiveness, strength and fragility. I aim to open a portal in my work through which one can hide or seek the possibilities of the question, where are we going from here?