I rebel against the chaos of the physical world.  

I am seduced by the sublime.

In two and three-dimensional paintings and mixed media artwork, I explore the flux in time, transformation, belonging, isolation, and loss activated by my diasporic identity rooted in a multi-cultural American/Jewish and Armenian/Christian heritage. As I investigate the personal, I am also interested in interweaving narratives of spirituality, science, and the current political and cultural global theater.

The hybridized ecospheres I create are a connection and collision of the raw and the refined, abstraction and realism, and a constellation of materiality formed by oozing oil paint, bent wood branches, shaped paper, sharp sewing pins, and gritty sandpaper. By design or accident, systems of saturated yellows, greens, reds, oranges and blues change with intensity and texture. The anomalies in scale symbolize an unpredictable wonderland and dualities of harmony and tension, and control and chaos.