In telescopic and intimate scaled paintings, mixed media artwork, and a new direction in installation art, I challenge traditional landscape and human figuration, creating mythopoetic universes and transformative self-portraits. In my artwork, I am interested in finding the mystical and the sublime in the process of metamorphosis through time and space. Formal language of abstraction and realism are ruptured and conflated. I search for fluid intersections between line and form crossing two and three dimension.

I apply wipe and scratch off media with sweeping brushstrokes and with hand rubbed intensity. By design or accident, layers of dripping and oozing abstraction become primordial melting moss, floating fauna and figurative anomalies. Constellations of natural imagery and human made technologies that I pattern, weave in and out of existence like a game of celestial hide and seek. Clouds are the dominant playgrounds in which my deer, bulls, cement plants and water towers orbit.

Existential and societal narratives of self, identity, cross-cultural connections and collective responsibility to our planet flow through my artwork. As I search for the relationships between internal perceptions and the uncertainty of the outside world, I make associations between seemingly disparate ideas and concepts from nature, science, religion, language, architecture and technology. Investigation into liminal physical spaces is informed by my interior architectural career. Directly or indirectly, the experience of growing up in a multi-cultural Jewish/Christian/French/Armenian/USA heritage with diaspora and refugee family history and birthplace in Japan has influenced narratives of inclusiveness, equality, spirituality and universal connectedness in my artwork.