Healing to the Fifth Power

Empowerment: Breast Cancer Awareness 





55" x 55" 

Oil and Charcoal on Paper

​Mounted on Aluminum



One of my favorite games as a child was playing different characters including, from my multi-cultural background, a Japanese maiko-ninja and the Biblical Moses. My imaginary super hero skills were utilized to  protect and defend righteousness and the underdog.  

The series "Play on" responds to cultural democratization.  Play on words, numbers, game symbolism, toy soldiers, and magnets are juxtaposed with ethereal images symbolizing connection with people, place and nature all around world. All are equally important in all our diversity.
The “end game” is won by engendering a legacy of universal  and spiritual harmony, peace, and unity. 
Toy soldiers in the artwork symbolically defend diversity, connection, acceptance, and the potential we all have to reach our highest self and contribute to the great good of humanity.
Incorporating the Hebrew letters, “Lamed Vav,” and their corresponding numerical value of 36 in some of the pieces,  I reference the Jewish tradition of a minimum number of righteous people, who protect all that is good and just in our world at any one time, quietly and with humility.  Who are they?  One could be your neighbor, your friend, a stranger you pass on the street. 
Anyone or everyone. 
So then, our spiritual mission is for all of us to emulate the call to righteousness, embrace our positive purpose, and celebrate our differences.

“You may say that I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” John Lennon

Conduction: a shift and transfer of energy (purpose or path), perceivably lost but then found.

A snapshot in time, space and place in the active search and discovery for the light, purpose, and path within each of us, sometimes lost or hidden for a period, but signaling to be found. In this milieu, we often engage in an intricate chess game of life traversing loss and gain, vulnerability and empowerment, fear and love, danger and courage, and isolation and connection.


Define Defiance


Oil on Wood

Oil on Paper

​Oil on Canvas

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 2016 Copyright © Renee Rey. All rights reserved.


Women's Empowerment


He says he loves me.  He says he would never do it again.
He says he loves me.  He says he would never do it again.
He says he loves me.  He says he would never do it again.

i fear i need i  fear being swallowed by the darkness
Denial Despair Death of a Dream

i need i fear i need

fear of loosing 
myself i fear loosing myself ...........

I reawaken  I remember
for an instant i fear
my own play
can i change the  script?

He says he loves me.  He says he would never do it again.
I Remember  Embrace  Memorize  Laugh

Check mate. End game.
I don’t need you anymore.
We’ve come to the end.

Abridged Version, Renée Rey, 1998