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Democratization of the Ecosystem
There is no hierarchy

As a child growing up in upstate New York, I loved climbing a 40 feet tall majestic evergreen.   Feeling invincible, cradled in a lofty bow, I swayed on high, imagining that I could dance with the clouds in the baby blue sky.   

In one memorable youthful moment, I concluded this simple truth: People are inextricably connected to all of nature.

This series of paintings, drawings, and digital artwork responds to the Democratization of the Ecosystem.  Clouds, mountains, vegetation, animal, people, elements, air, sky, water, earth have equal importance and are interdependent.  There is no hierarchy. I believe that we have an individual and collective responsibility to listen to and harmonize with our surroundings insuring a healthy planet today and for generations to come.

​The innovative visual iconography of abstracted cloud formations has mystical overtones, reimagined from memories and digital photos of my travels. Iconic mountains rooted in my multi-cultural heritage, Biblical passages addressing the environment, and symbols from the Periodic Table of Elements inform and question the viewer about global diversity, environmental and cultural sustainability, connection to past, present, and future, and the existential dilemma of personal purpose from a spiritual and scientific 21st century viewpoint.

Job Chapter 12:7-9 :
​​"But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; The birds of the sky, they will tell you, Or speak to the earth, it will teach you; The fish of the sea, they will inform you."  


    S 16 in Bloom

      Zn 30 in Bloom

     Br 35 in Bloom

        Digital Media

1 H and Sustaining

2 He and Sustaining

3 Li and Sustaining

72" H  x 72" W Image with 6" White Border

Oil and Charcoal on Unstretched Canvas


6 C Fish Tells

4 Be Earth Teaches

5 B Rams Relay

8 O Earth Says

7 N Bears Begin

9 F the Cow Cries

18" H x 24' W 

Oil and Charcoal on Paper